Exercise has been given an important place in human life. Exercise is very important part of human life because doing exercise can keep your body fit and healthy and away from disease. Exercise is also very important to get a good cutting head and muscular body. Exercise gives us physical fitness. Along with this mental, peace is also attained.

Hello friend and welcome to our blog, which is named Exercise Definition type and benefit in today blog, I will give you some information related to exercise. Like what is the meaning of the exercise, what is the importance of exercise in human life, what are the benefit of the exercise etc

What is the meaning of the exercise?

Whatever physical activities a human does to make his body healthy and strong, attracted and strengthened is called exercise.

What are the main types of exercise?

There are three main types of exercise

  1. Strengthening exercise
  2. Flexibility exercise

Aerobic exercise

Which has direct effect on our heart and muscles. This exercise is linked to our increased rate of breathing. Doing aerobic exercise make our heart and lungs healthy and strong. Increase our physical energy. Aerobic exercise also help in reducing stress.

Some of aerobic exercise name :-

  1. Jogging
  2. Bikking
  3. Running
  4. Swimming
  5. Cycling

Benefit of aerobic exercise

  1. Blood sugar remain under level control.
  2. Reduces blood pressure.
  3. Weight remain under control.
  4. The waiting system control.

Strengthening exercise

It is a like this exercise which make our body and muscles strong. This exercise has a direct effect on our muscles. Our muscles and strengthening by doing strength exercises. Doing this exercise strengthens our bones.

Some name of strengthening exercise name :-

  1. Sit ups
  2. Squats
  3. Pushups
  4. Using weight machine
  5. Dumbbell row

Benefit of strengthening exercise

  1. Brain power increase
  2. The energy level of the body increase
  3. Stress is reduce
  4. Sleep is good
  5. A large amount of calories are burnt

Flexibility exercise

This exercise is also knows as stretching exercise. It include exercise that make our body flexible. Exercising flexibility relieves abdominal pain. And at the same time doing this exercise reduce the chance of injury.

Some of flexibility exercise name:-

  1. Quod stretch
  2. Glute stretch
  3. Figure stretch
  4. Shoulder rolls
  5. The cat stretch

Benefit of flexibility exercise

  1. There is flexibility in the body
  2. The effect of blood increase rapidly in the muscles
  3. Stress is reviled
  4. Helps to increase better balanced

What exercise can do at home?

There is a lot of exercise that van make your body attracted toward cutting by doing it at home.

Some exercise name you can do at home:-

  1. Lunges
  2. Squats
  3. Side plank
  4. Jumping jacks

How often should you exercise?

You should exercise twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening, every time your exercise time should be 30 to 40 minute.

Is it ok to do exercise everyday?
yes, exercising daily is every good. Exercising daily the make body healthy and strong. Stress is reviled. The bones are strong and the stamina grows. Energy increase.

Who should not exercise?

If you are suffering from a serious illness, then you should avoid exercising until your doctor is not allowed to exercise.

Which exercise burn most calories?

Strengthening exercise burn most calories instead of aerobic exercise and flexibility exercise.

Which exercise is the best for weight loss?

weight training, running jump rope in the best exercise for weight loss.

Which exercise is the best for belly fat?

Crunch is a exercise, which is best for belly fat.

Can exercise make your taller?

Yes there are some exercises that can make your taller such as hanging rope, jumping, swimming, and trekking.

Will exercise help me for better sleep?

By exercising, the body breaks down completely and fatigue is also felt a lot. Which cause good sleep.

How exercise help the body benefit of the exercise?

  1. Improve working capacity of lunges
  2. Make the heart healthy and strong
  3. Bones strong
  4. Weight control remain
  5. Stamina and energy level increase
  6. Body stay from away disease



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